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 The Centre for European Studies was first founded in 1993, on the basis of the EC Research Office of the Institute of World Economy. In 1996, under the instruction of the Education Ministry to implement the EU-China Higher Education Cooperation Programme, the Centre was reorganized into a university teaching and research entity, by pooling together the university’s resources involved in European studies. The Centre resides with the School of Economics, and is placed under the direct guidance of the vice president in charge of the humanity studies, and co-administrated by the Office of Humanity Studies and the Foreign Affairs Office. The mission of the Centre is to carry out teaching and research programmes on the economic, political, law, social and cultural aspects, and the internal and external relations, of the European Union and European integration, with the aim to build itself into a national base for research, teaching, information and academic exchange on European studies.

 The University has had a long tradition for European studies. In 1964, an institute was created to carry out the studies on the developed economies, focused on the western European countries. In the late 1970s, it was renamed “the Institute of World Economy”, and an EC Research Office was set up alongside with other research offices on German, French, and UK economies. Since then, the Office has undertaken a number of research projects, published a series of specialized studies, carried out postgraduate teaching programmes, and edited the journal European Integration Studies. It contributes to the development of the European studies in China also by taking an active part in the national academic organizational activities, and the Chinese Society for EC Studies (CSEUS) has been resides with it since the latter’s founding in 1984.

 The Office began its direct contacts with the EC institutions in late 1970’s. In 1980, the Commission established at Fudan its first European Documentation Centre (EDC) in China. Mr. Emile Nöel, the late Secretary General of the Commission, visited Fudan 3 times and became its Advisory Professor in 1988. The setting-up of the Centre gave further thrusts to the development of its external academic relations. It has established stable exchange relations with a number of foreign institutions and individuals. In 2001, Prof. Dai Bingran of the Centre was among the first 3 Chinese professors to be awarded the Jean Monnet Chair by the Commission.

 The Centre carries out researches, sponsors and organizes forums and conferences, and provides consultations in the related spheres. In teaching, it offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in disciplines and specialities like world economy, international finance, international trade, international politics and relations, international law, sociology, history, philosophy, and language and literature studies.

 The Centre’s Excutive Director is Prof. DING Chun, and Deputy Directors Prof. Chen Zhimin and Prof. Hu Ronghua and Prof. LU Zhian. The Centre has under it 6 research offices, respectively dealing with the general, economic, political, law, and social and cultural studies, incorporating some 30 research fellows in the University. Its functional setups include an Office, a reference library (EDC), the Editing Board of the European Integration Studies, and the Secretariat of the CSEUS. The Centre has invited a group of high-profiled personalities to form an Academic Steering Committee, with Mr. Mei Zhaorong, former Chinese Ambassador to Germany as Chairman and Chair of the “Ambassadors’ Forum”, and Prof.s. Dai Bingran, Wu Yikang, and Yan Shuang as Vice Chairmen.

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