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On November 3-4, 2014, the fourth Cross-Strait Forum on EU Studies was held at Fudan University in cooperation with Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences European Studies Centre and Shanghai Institute for European Studies. The theme of this forum was "New situation, New mechanisms, New Europe ". More than 50 experts and scholars from over thirty European research institutions across the strait attended the forum. The forum discussed the following issues: the impact of the debt crisis and the EU's institutional changes; changes and challenges within the EU relations; adjustment of EU foreign policy and foreign relations, challenge and restructuring of EU economy; adjustment of EU's security, social, cultural policy. Local media, such as the Xinhua Net, Chinese Social Sciences Today, reported the forum.

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On 14-15 September 2014, the annual conference of Chinese Society for European Union Studies was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The theme of this conference was'The development of the EU and the relations between China and the EU after the EU's ten years' enlargement". The conference discussed the following issues: the review and evaluation of the EU's enlargement; the development of the EU in the new era and the future of China-EU relationship; the climate change、global governance and sustainable development: comparative studies on China and the EU; the development of the central and Eastern Europe etc.

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On November 8-10,2013, the Chinese Society for European Union Studies co-organized the ninth annual conference of Chinese Association for European Studies" the China-EU Relationship in next decades". More than 130 domestic experts on European studies attended the conference and discussed issues such as the relationship of China and the EU in the global vision, the trade and economic relation between China and the EU, the cultural identity of the Europe, the Relationship between China and the EU member states, the impacts of the European sovereign debt crisis, the common policy of the EU, the policies for the member states during the European integration etc.. The conference has been reported by local media such as the People's Net, Xinhua Net, China Daily, Chinese Social Sciences Today, Phoenix Net, Hexun Net etc.

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On July 14 and 15, four professors of Fudan University were elected as principal leaders of Chinese Society for European Union Studies at the 2012 annual meeting: Prof. Dai Bingran, the honorable director of Center for European Studies of Fudan University, was elected as the chairman and vice-chairman of Chinese Society for European Union Studies; Ding Chun, the director of Centre for European Studies (CES), as the vice-chairman and secretary general of Chinese Society for EU Studies; Prof. Hu Ronghua, as Undersecretary-general; Prof. Chen Zhimin, as Board Director. 

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On Jun. 4th, 2012, Professor Ding, the member of CSEUS, was invited to Singapore and attended seminar “EU's Unknown Asia: New Horizons and New Beginnings”, which was co-hosted by Asia Pacific European Union Studies Association, EU centre in Singapore and The European Union Lifelong Education Projects.

On November 3rd, 2012, professor Ding Chun, the member of CSEUS, Jean Monnet Chair Professor, was invited to participate in the 2012 Seminar on European issues and cross-cultural studies, which was cohosted by Silk Road European Studies Joint Center of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Center for European Studies of Northwestern University, and DAAD German Academic Exchange Centre. Professor Ding Chun chaired the seminar and made a keynote speech.

On 21.and 22. August, the twelfth Biennial meeting of Chinese Society for European Union Studies, as well as the second Biennial meeting of Chinese Society for European Economic Studies, was held in Xi’an Jiaotong University.

The Chinese Society for EU Studies (CSEUS) has decided to call its 9th EU Symposium in Nabchang, Jiangxi Province, on 9 and 10 October 2003, hosted by the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. 

Cooperative Institutions

European Study Center, Wuhan University:http://wuesc.whu.edu.cn/

Centre for European Studies, Renmin University of China:http://www.cesruc.org/

Centre for European Studies, Sichuan University:http://ces.scu.edu.cn/

Centre for European and German Studies, Shandong University:http://www.europe.sdu.edu.cn/

The theme of the 9th Symposium is “The Future of Europe: Prospects and Problems”. Discussion will focus on the following topics:   1.EU’s Economic Prospects; 2.  Political and Economic Implications of Enlargement.The CSEUS will take this occasion to call an Assembly meeting of its members for election of the new Council of Directors.     More...

The Chinese Society for EU Studies (CSEUS) has decided to call, jointly with Jilin University, on 28-30 July 2005 in Changchun (Jilin), “the European Studies International Forum of Jilin University and the 10th EU Symposium of the CSEUS”. The theme of the conference will be: “EU: Enlargement, Constitution and Reform”.   More...


The Chinese Society for EU Studies (CSEUS) is a national academic association devoted specifically to the studies of the European Union and European integration. It was first founded on 30 November 1984 under the name of the Chinese Society for EC Studies (CSECS). The CSEUS resides in Fudan Universityand is a member organization of the Chinese National Association for European Studies. 



The Chinese Society for EU Studies (CSEUS) is a national academic organization, devoted to the studies of the European Union and European integration. The Society aims at promoting and coordinating EU studies in China, organizing and supporting academic exchanges and other activities in the related fields, and cultivating and developing mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between China and the European Union and its Member States, in the service of the country’s modernization, and for the cause of world peace.  


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