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The Dutch Studies Center was founded on September 24, 2005 according to the Contract establishing the Centre by Fudan University and University of Groningen. A centre for research and education in the field of Dutch Studies, it is placed under the direct guidance of the Vice President in charge of the humanities at Fudan University. Like other component parts of the Centre for European Studies (CES), it is directed by the head of CES and supervised by the Office of Humanity Studies and the Foreign Affairs Office.

 The mission of the Centre is to carry out teaching and research programmes on the Dutch economy, politics, society and culture, cultivate experts and talents in the field of Dutch Studies, so as to enhance the mutual understanding and exchange between China and the Netherlands.

 The Centre has under it the Board, Academic Committee, the Chair, Chair Assistant, Project Coordinator and Academic Assistant. Of them the Board is the top decision-making body, Academic Committee the academic advisory institution. And the Chair Assistant takes charge of daily work of the Centre under the authorization of the Chair.

 The Centre will strive to promote the comprehensive studies of Dutch issues and will actively carry out various activities for this purpose. In the coming years, the Centre will organize a series of seminars and international conferences on Dutch studies, build a data bank for Dutch studies, develop curriculum of Dutch studies, and widen and deepen the academic cooperation and exchange with its Dutch partner.

 The Centre can be contacted through the following address:

      Fudan Dutch Study Centre

       220, Handan Road Shanghai 200433 People’s Republic of China

            Tel. +86 21 55664933

            Fax. +86 21 65642668

            Website. http://www.cesfd.org.cn/dutch.htm


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