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Lu Zhi’an

Law of Human Cloning and the Society, Vol. 1 (2002) & Vol.2 (2004), Fudan University Press.

Zou Genbao

1. International Trade and International Finance (New Edition), Shanghai People Press, December 2001.

2. Experiences and Reform of the Social Security Systems of the EU Member States, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Press, December 2001.

Zhu Mingquan

Common Security Policies of EU and its Coordination with the US, Wenhui Press, 2002.

Chen Zhimin, Gustaaf Gearaerts

Foreign Policies Integration of EU: Mission Impossible?, Current Affairs Press, December 2003.

Chen Yugang

1. States and Supra- States—Comparative Study of Europe Integration Theory, Shanghai People Press, 2001.

2. Europe under the New World Order, in Strategic Research:: USA, Russia, Japan, EU and China in the future world, coauthored with Yu Zhengliang, Central Compilation & Translation Press, October, 1998.

Hu Ronghua

1. The Future of Europe: Challenge and Prospect, Beijing Social Sciences Press, July, 2004.

2. EU: Towards a New Century, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Press, March 2003.

3. Europe, USA, and Asian & Pacific Economic Zone in the World’s Competing System, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, Shanghai Higher Education Press, January 2001.

Yin Xingmin

EU M & A Policies: Economic and Law Analysis, Fudan University Press, 2000.

Zhuanf Qishan

1. New Theory on World Economy, Fudan University Press, July 2001.

2. Theory and Practice of Transition Economy, Shanxi Economic Press, February 1999.

3. Contradictions in the Implementing Process of European Single Currency: In the Perspective of Optimal Currency Zone Theory, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics Press, March 2003.

Gan Dangshan

European Central Bank, Fudan University Press, 1999.

Zhang Jikang

1. The Euro: The Monetary Revolution across the Centuries, Shanxi Economic Press, 1999;

2. The World Automobile Industry in the New Century, Sichuan People’s Press 2000;

3. Direct Investment in China from USA, Japan and Europe: Comparisons from Several Perspectives, Current Affairs Press, February, 2004.

4. Transnational Corporations & Foreign Direct InvestmentsFudan University Press, June, 2004

5. Managing in monetary marketFudan University Press, December, 2004

Tang Zhuchang

1. Efforts Made to Seeking the Balance between the USSR and the USA, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 1999.

2. Survey on the Transitional Russian Economy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2001.

3. Seeking Order, Security and Development, Wenhui Press, 2002.

Zhou Jianping

Political Economics of European Integration, Fudan University Press, 2002

Liu Junmei

Seeking Order, Security and Development—Challenges and Strategic Choices for the Transitional Russia, Wenhui Press, Nov. 2002.

Translation Works

1. European Comunity TreatiesDai Bingran, Fudan University Press, 1993.

2. Historical Witnesses: Memoir of Finland President 科伊维斯托(1982-1994), Yang Yuguang, Shanghai Translation Press, 2000.

3. Economics of International Integration, Dai Bingran, Shanghai Translation Press, 2001.

Totally 24literatures and 3 translating books.


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