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Zhimin CHEN

--A Brief Profile--

Dr. CHEN Zhimin

Chair & Professor

Department of International Politics

School of International Relations and Public Affairs

Fudan University 

Home Address:

Apt. 1-601

65, Rende Road

Shanghai, 200434, China

Office Address:

School of International Relations and Public Affairs

Fudan University

220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433, China



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       Born in July 1966; Married with one child.


      Ph.D., 1998: Fudan University (International Politics)

       M.A., 1990: Fudan University (Western European Studies)

       BA, 1987: Fudan University (International Politics)

Ph.D. Thesis:

       A Study on Non-central Governments’ International Activities

Professional  Experience:

1.  2004-present, Chair and professor, Department of International Politics, SIRPA, Fudan; deputy director of Centre for European Studies, Fudan University

2.  2003-present, Deputy director of the Shanghai Fudan Center of Foreign Affairs Teaching and Training.

3.  2002-present, member of the editorial committee, The Pacific Review, published by Routhledge

4.  2000-2003: Vice Dean & Associate Professor, School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University

5.  1998-2000: Deputy Chair, associate professor, Dept. of International Politics, Fudan University

6.  1993-1998: Lecturer, Dept. of International Politics, Fudan University

7.  1992-1994: Editor, Newsletter of Chinese Association of Political Science

8.  1990-1993: Assistant Professor, Dept. of International Politics, Fudan University

Overseas Experiences:

1.         March 2004, visiting professor, Keio University, Japan

2.         December, 2002, Participant in the international conference of “ A New Asia-American partnership?”, Sciences PO Paris, France

3.         November 2002, participant in “the 21st Century Forum of Chinese and Japanese Scholars”, Miyazaki, Japan

4.         June 2002, participant in the Salzburg Seminar: “East Asia and United States”, Salzburg, Austria

5.         April 2002, participant in international conference on Global Governance in Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

6.         February 2002, visiting scholar at Lund University, Sweden

7.         February 2001, Visiting scholar at University of Durham, UK

8.         October 2000, visiting scholar at Queen’s University, Canada

9.         December 1999, Salzburg Seminar, Session 373: “China and Global Community”.

10.     Sept. 1996-Dec. 1997: Visiting fellow at Fairbank Center for East Asia Research and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, supported by Harvard-Yenching Institute.

11.     July-August, 1996: Summer Institute on “American Political System: Federal Democracy” sponsored by United States Information Agency and Lafayette College (US) in Colorado, New York and Washington DC.

Language Proficiency:

       English: Excellent

       Germany: Basic, score A of secondary foreign language course in 1989.


1.   Diplomacy

2.   European Union’s Foreign Policy

3.   International Negotiation

4.   Media and Diplomacy

5.   Globalization and Regional Transformation, a Fudan-Keio-Yonsei distance learning course

Publications(from 1998):

Chinese Books:

1. Co-author, Foreign Policy Integration In European Union, (Beijing:Shishi Publishing House, in December 2003), with professor Gustaaf Geeraerts

2. Author, Subnational Governments and Foreign Affairs, (Beijing: Zhongguo Changzheng Chubanshe, 2001)

3. Co-author, International Relations in the Globalization Era, Fudan University Press, 2000

4. Co-author, Foreign Strategies of Major Powers (Beijing: Central Bianyi Press, 1998). 

Chinese Articles (selected)

1. The Diplomatic Actorness of the European Union, in Xiao Jialing and Tang xianxing(eds.), Diplomacies of the Great Powers: Theory,decision-making and Challenges (Beijing: Shishi publicshing House, 2003),pp.175-192.

2. EU Foreign Policy Integration, in European Integration, No.1, 2003.

3. Traditional Intergovernmentalism, Liberal Intergovernmentalism and Integration Theory”, In Su Changhe and Bao Xiaqin(Eds), International Relation Studies: Theory, Perspective and Method( Shanghai, Wenhui Publishing House, 2002)

4. “American Federalism and States’ Human Rights Diplomacy”, In Zhou Qi(ed.), Human Rights and Diplomacy( Beijing, Shishi Publishing House, 2002)

5.  “The Symbiotic Relationship and their Interplays between Intergovernmentalism and Supranationalism in European Union”, in Europe, No. 4, 2001

6.  “European Integration and The Transformation of German Federal State”, in Xu Yihua(ed.), International Relations at the Turn of Century(Shanghai: yuandong Publishing House, 2001)

7.  “Bi-Community Federalism and Canadian Foreign Relations: A Study on Quebec’s International Activities”, in Pacific Journal, No. 3, 2000.

8.  " Partnership: Chinese Realist and idealist Foreign Strategy At the Turn of New Century", in Pacific Journal,  No.3, 1999

9.  “Constructivism: After the Ne0-realism and Neo-liberalism”, in World Economy and Politics,  Beijing, No.5, 1999

10.  “International Environmental Problems and the Mechanisms of Management”, in Fudan Journal, No. 5, 1998

English Conference Papers:

1. “Understanding Chinese Foreign Policy: Nationalism as a Clue”, presented to the international conference on Theories of International Relations: A Sino-British dialogue, jointly sponsored by Fudan University and Durham University (UK), April, 2002

1.A revised version is to be publish by the Journal of Contemporary China

2.  “International Structures and the Chinese Foreign Policy Choices” , presented to the international conference on Globalization and China’s Reforms: An IPE approach, jointly sponsored by Fudan University and Queen's University (Canada), April, 2002


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